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Brighton Psychedelics

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Welcome to Brighton Psychedelics

What we offer

Brighton Psychedelics is a community group facilitated by a small interdisciplinary team of Psychiatrists,  Psychologists and Psychotherapeutic Counsellors. 


Our team have experience in the field of psychedelic support and expertise in contemporary research into psychedelic assisted therapy.


The aim of our group is to promote integration of psychedelic experiences into everyday life in a way that is helpful and meaningful to the individual.

The circle does not permit use of psychedelics or other psychoactive drugs. In accordance with the law, we neither encourage substance use, provide illicit substances, nor referrals to illegal psychedelic services.

Why Naturopathy

Information about Psychedelics

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Psychedelic Renaissance  

Find out more information on the contemporary landscape of  Psychedelic Assisted Therapy. 

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Drug Science

Evidence based information on drugs.


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Information for Professionals

To find out more and connect with other professionals working in the field, visit 

Psychedelic Integration Therapy 

Directory of therapists specialising in Integration

Meet Our Facilitators

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Graham Campbell
Study Psychiatrist and Psychedelic Guide with the DMT for depression study at Hammersmith Medicines Research with Imperial College/Small Pharma; Previous Assistant Psychedelic Guide with Psilodep 2 at Imperial College and NHS Psychiatrist

What we offer

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