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Book Group

Dates & info can be found on our Facebook page.

  • The Underground Room, The Black Dove, Kemptown, Brighton, BN2 1PA

Service Description

All are warmly invited to join our next Community Book Group. There is no expectation for you to have finished the book; all are welcome. Even if the book did not live up to expectations, the discussion will always be varied, valuable and valid. The space will be loosely held to ensure that each person has the opportunity to offer a contribution, before opening up for a wider discussion. Recommendations for further reading will be led by the community. OUR STORY SO FAR.... Brighton Psychedelics Book group was originally launched in 2017, providing a community space of shared interest and learning. The group featured talks and presentations from authors and speakers including Matthew Clark, Craig Ingalls, John Higgs, Reanne Crane, David Bramwell, David da Souza and Dylan Burns. The books discussed included: • 'Doors of Perception' and 'Island' by Aldous Huxley • 'The Tawny One: Soma, Haoma and Ayahuasca' by Matthew Clark • 'The Center of the Cyclone' by John C Lilly • ‘I Have America Surrounded: the Life of Timothy Leary’ by John Higgs • 'Food of the Gods' by Terence McKenna • 'The Yage Diaries' by Allen Ginsberg & William Burroughs • 'Shroom: the Cultural History of the Magic Mushroom' by Andy Letcher • 'Exo-Psychology' by Timothy Leary • 'The Holotropic Mind' by Stanislav Grof Post Covid, Brighton Psychedelics Book Group relaunched and we have since discussed: • ‘The Jaguar and the Toad’ by Ralph Metzner • ‘Botanical Ecstasies’ by Mathew Clark • ‘When Plants Dream’ by Daniel Pinchbeck and Sophia Rokhlin • ‘Listening to Ecstasy’ by Charles Wininger • ‘Consciousness Medicine’ by Francoise Bouurzat • ‘Drug taking for Grown Ups’ by Dr Carl Hart

Upcoming Sessions

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